Aggro to Calm in 60 seconds

Today I started a new process to reduce stress.

I am not looking at my dash clock whenever I am commuting to work. I know I have enough time, but whenever I glance at the clock, I can  stress creeping I inside me. And then BAM … I turn green and all hulk-ish. OK not green but sometimes I use to spout, “ME SMASH PUNY BANNER-LIKE CAR”.

Basically I went a whole week of setting a “time mark” and made note of the traffic.

If I leave my house at this time and as long as the traffic is average then I can make it to work with 15 minutes to spare.

On the way to work, I try to just relax and not let the potato heads(people who use the passing lanes to put on makeup, talk on cell phone or put their blinkers and not turn) get to me. They are apart of my new daily path.

Why I detest my work.

I work three different offices.

The smallest office shall be nick named, “hell”.

Last week, my boss(a.k.a. satan) tells me that I need to start coming up with some tips and tricks to “speed up” my work flow. So he then suggest that I just pull the liners out of the trash cans, instead of trying to take the time to “reuse” them.

I said, “yes, but… dont you think I could speed up my “work flow”, if you did not throw trash on the floor and purposely miss the trash can ?”

And he just stared at me… I got a reply… “Its not my job to pick up the trash. Its yours. ”

And then replied, “But satan, you just asked me what would help me “speed up” my work flow. And me on my hands and knees for about 6-7 minutes(3 garbage cans workstations) picking up trash that is blatantly thrown on the floor would increase my work flow.”

So one week later, I am grabbing the trash liners and placing them in my mobile “BIG” garbage can when Satan tells me, “we aren’t trying to recycle the liners anymore?”. And just stared at him and said,  “last week you told me to just throw the linear away.  Do not reuse bags.  Now your telling me the opposite.”

Satan responded, “I meant the sonic cups filled with coke but yes continue to recycle the liners.”

So let me get this… you want me to recycle a trash linear that has coke/sugar all in the bottom of it. And you don’t think thats going to be a hygienic problem ?

Its a no win situation. no possible correct solution unless I perform the Kobayashi Maru. But I just remembered, he’s Satan and he enjoys being miserable. So I let him be miserable and that I was right and pointed out his hypocrisy.